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Making and selling hand-thrown Terracotta slipware pottery.

The first pots were discovered around 3500 bc  in Pre-Columbian America. Throwing on the wheel began around 3000 bc in Pre-dynastic Egypt and slowly spread throughout many other countries of the world.  

Throughout the centuries many different techniques were developed one of which is still used today,  the "Slipware" technique, a technique that became popular in Britain during the 17th c.  Many modern day potters use this technique today to decorate pots using intricate designs to trail the slip onto the pot's surface or simply dip the pot into a variety of different coloured slips letting the different colours mingle together or just simply apply a single coloured slip to their potteryand finally glaze the pot.

We use this same technique to produce a wide variety of decorative effects on my pottery in combination with other decorative materials and techniques. 

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